Netaudio Collection: Scalable Language (2012)

This is a collection of netaudio diamonds, that were released under a creative commons licence. This collection concentrates itself on musicreleases, that were released on the web between 1999 and 2012. Why a collection? There are so many great listening experiences out on the web released under a creative commons licence, that for whatever reason did not get the attention they should deserve - or that left the web or their 'official websites' went down. This collection should be read like a collection of art: a handselected collection of goodies, worth to be taken from the past into the future.

For whatever reason this collection has got a name. It is called 'scalable language'.
September 2012 .. December 2012

2000 - Radix - Counting Stars [mtk022]

2000 - Sleepy - Foob [mtk021]

2002 - 020200 and [in]anace - from crop to merge ep [63_042]

2004 - Holger Flinsch - Organon [raam004]

2004 - Sleepy Town Manufacture - For you and for me [mtk126]

2004 - ST - I will meet you there [mtk140]

2005 - 2063artists(various) - jardin numerique - wireless digital music [63_050]

2005 - Motionfield - Music for Pictures [Apl034]

2005 - Rktic - Acid Dubs [ratc009]

2006 - Various - Organon Reinterpretations [raam010]

2009 - Klotzsch & Krey - Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong [12rec.056]

2010 - Emil Klotzsch - Deutsche Lieder

2011 - Dml - munique_ep [brq74]

2012 - Auto-pilot - The Atlantic Machine [brq82]

This collection was started and maintained by Martin Wisniowski (aka 020200), who is an netmusic pioneer with the first netlabel founded in 1999. He founded and co-founded the netlabels 2063music, nubiproof, octagone and was a massive supporter of the netlabel subsource since the very first day. He wrote lots of reviews for and phlow-magazine about creative commons music on the web. He co-organized the Cologne Commons festival for free music culture and maintains the site Netaudio NRW.

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